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The White Sox and Rays combined for 2 hits with runners in scoring position. The Rays hit, which capped a 2-out rally in the 3rd, plated a run. The Sox hit, which loaded the bases with 1 out in the second, didn't. That was the difference in the game.

The Sox had plenty of opportunities to score early in Friday's contest, but were unable to capitalize on any of them. In the second, third, and fourth innings the Sox had a runner on second base with nobody out, yet failed to score in each inning. Nick Swisher and Carlos Quentin double plays killed the first two opportunities, with the Thome-Konerko-Crede trio killing the other.

It was comical to hear Hawk and DJ praise Jermaine Dye for his jump and read of the ball on Joe Crede's single in the second. With Dye standing on second Crede hit a line drive into left field that fell in front of Carl Crawford. Dye got such a good jump and read he was able to make it into third base! All the way from second! Imagine if he didn't get a good jump.

The Sox must have the most hits with RISP that fail to plate a runner. Though I have no idea how to query that one to find out for sure.

Alexei Ramirez had a great game, making two nice plays at second base and hitting a HR. Even though he's playing great right now, if you listen to Hawk and DJ, he still is the walking embodiment of unpolished talent. Though I suppose if you compare Ramirez' output to that of the slow white guys, he does end up looking pretty good -- like a third grader next to a family of midgets.

Scott Linebrink broke the bullpen's stretch of 27 consecutive innings without allowing a run, which makes it virtually impossible to be angry the pen for Friday's loss.