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It's All Gonna Break: Brushing Up On Eric Stults

I'm kind of embarrassed by this one, since he's pretty clearly no great shakes.  He's old and basically AAAA like, I don't know, Heath Phillips or something.  I didn't even know he existed until just a couple minutes ago and he's only made one start this year.  Unsurprisingly, he hasn't been put in Kalk's database yet, so I'm using his 2007 pitch f/x stuff.  Keep in mind that he made 5 starts and had 12 appearances, so that will overstate his velocity and stuff to some degree.  As we know, relief pitching bumps velocity and stuff.  Also, I'm not sure how good the pitch f/x data is, since his fastball got classified as a splitter somehow and he's listed as being without a fastball.  Obviously, that's screwed up.

So onto the analysis.  He has no real out pitch and his fastball isn't good enough to get away with that.  He throws more balls than average for his fastball, which means, like most pitchers without a big fastball, he nibbles at the corners.  I suppose he might just have control problems, but come on he has trouble breaking 90.  That would be just sad.  In sum: combine a bunch of meh stuff with meh control and you get a meh pitcher.  He doesn't scare me and our bats have been hot.  Combine that with a park that's perfect for Gavin Floyd and you've got to give us a pretty good chance to win the game.  No guarantees since this is baseball, but I put our o/u at 65%.