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He threw strikes. He changed speeds. He threw left-handed.

We've already established that a pitcher possessing the ability to do the first two tasks is very likely to shut the White Sox down. Adding left-handedness to the mix just isn't fair.

Eric Stults took advantage of an early lead and breezed through 9 innings of scoreless work. It was the 5th time this season the Sox have had a complete game tossed against them, and the 8th time they've been shutout. By comparison, they had 5 complete games thrown against them in the last two seasons, combined, and were blanked 11 times last season, their highest total since 1992.

Gavin Floyd and his defense got off to a rocky start, allowing the first 4 batters to reach and committing two errors before even recording an out. By the time Floyd settled in, two runs had crossed the plate, which, with Stults on the mound, that was all the Dodgers would need.