We didn’t get Smoaked: Time to Talk 2009 Draft

john sickel's top college hitters and pitchers lists; other interesting college hitters

john sickel's top high school hitters and pitchers lists

john sickel's 2008 Draft Board (5/17); mock draft (6/2)

minorleagueball community mock draft, #8

White Sox Mock Draft draft thread at john sickels' site


college ball blog; direct link to draft coverage

baseball america's draft site; mock draft; top-200 prospects (with stats)

milb's 2008 draft reports (with videos)

jonathan mayo's ( draft blog; 5/14 mock draft, 5/21 mock draft, 5/28 mock draft,

saberscouting top-100; mvn draft u mock;


Part 1  and Part 2 of SSS MLB draft diary; Mock Draft fanshot; G.Beckham fanshot;



MLB drafttracker

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