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Danks Delights

Abbreviated recap. I'm wiped out.

When I saw who the Sox were sending to the mound this series, I thought we could be in for a long weekend. Gavin Floyd has been giving up HRs like crazy, Jose Contreras has been anything but impressive over the last month and has been almost as homer-prone as Floyd, and most importantly, the Texas offense is the best we've faced this season. Their first 4 hitters are scary good right now.

As for the Sox other starter in this series, John Danks, I thought the kid might get a little too worked up pitching against his old team and in front of friends and family while just up the road from his hometown. And did I mention the Texas offense?

Danks showed little effect working into the 8th inning, racking up another 8 strikeouts against ZERO walks. It wasn't really until that 8th inning that he started to get hit around.

I was begging Ozzie to take him out before Kinsler's moonshot double, but after watching the bullpen's work against the Texas wrecking crew I can hardly fault him for riding the hot hand.

I don't even know who's pitching for Texas tomorrow, but if the Sox are able to win one with Contreras on the hill, this entire road trip will be filled with games it feels like we've stolen.