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Contreras to DL; Ozzie disappointed

Contreras goes to the DL:

Jose Contreras was placed on the 15-day disabled list prior to Sunday's series finale against the Royals, and Ozzie Guillen was not a happy man.

The White Sox manager certainly didn't find a problem with Contreras being temporarily shelved -- a move made retroactive to July 18 -- due to right elbow tendinitis. Instead, Guillen seemed bothered by Contreras' attempt to pitch through the injury without informing the club.

"I don't want to say upset, but I was a little disappointed when one of my players is hiding this stuff from us for no reason," Guillen said. "I don't want any of my players to go out there and be in any kind of pain and try to be a hero, then all of a sudden I don't have them."

... "The way he talked to me, I don't believe what he said," Guillen said. "I said, 'We have a meeting before and you told me [you were] fine and ready to go,' and then three hours later, he can't pitch.

"I want my players to be honest with me. If you go out there and you are hurt, you're not going to produce the way you should be producing. I think when you fight through something you can't, that's not helping anybody.

"That's why he was handling it the wrong way," added Guillen. "If he's not healthy, nobody is that good. I don't mind players playing with pain, soreness. When you're hurt, you have to be careful about what you're doing out there."

Any idea when will he be back?

Contreras would be eligible to pitch again next Sunday against Detroit, but manager Ozzie Guillen said that "he's not going to come off Sunday just because. If he's not ready to pitch, he's going to stay there until he's ready to perform."

"I wasn't too pleased the way he handled the situation," Guillen said. "He didn’t let [trainer] Herm Schneider know, myself or [pitching coach Don] Cooper know and he continued to pitch that way. When you're hurt, you're not helping the ballclub. I don't want any of my players to go out with pain and try to be a hero. I was -– I don't want to say upset -– a little disappointed when one of my players is hiding stuff for no reason."