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So what did I miss?

Mark this day on your calendars, SSSers. First we had a post from Shaftr, the ghost-author, and now it's a post, albeit it short one, from your never-present manager, me. Today is truly a rare day in SouthSideSox history.

Lots of quick thoughts

  • As I was headed out of town, I was willing to give Jose Contreras one more start before I started banging the drum loudly for a trade. Contreras only further muddled the situation by going on the DL, claiming he was hurting (missing his homeland, perhaps) during his prolonged period of suck.

    Clayton Richard, who was my 2006 pick for breakout pitcher (better late than never), passed up Jack Egbert and Lance Broadway on the starter depth chart, and seemed to do alright in his place. I hate to rush to judgment on a young, fast-riser, but with the trade deadline looming on Thursday, and his second ML start against the second-place Twins on Tuesday, Richard has a lot to prove.

  • I hate to hear Josh Fields name mentioned in trade talks, and it's not because I'm a huge Fields fan. I've long advocated shipping out Fields when his value was highest, but it now seems as if the Sox have soured a bit on Fields as he has struggled with injuries and failed to show much (if any) growth in AAA this season.

  • If the Sox are to make a trade with Oakland or Toronto, two teams that have been connected to the Sox, Jack Egbert is gone.
  • If I was a betting man, I would bet the Sox fail to make a major move in the next 4 days.
  • Yes, Ozzie. Konerko should be dropped in the order. Duh.
  • I hate that the Indians got Mayday Meloan and Anthony Reyes.
There's plenty more I'd like to comment on, but that's what he comment section is for. Consider this an open thread, and maybe even a Sickelsesque All Questions Answered thread.