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Open Thread

Just got in and I see the last thread is filling up; so here's an open thread

btw, here's a quote from coop:

Heading into the series with Minnesota, manager Ozzie Guillen said left-handed relievers Matt Thornton and Boone Logan had better be ready to go, considering the Twins have two of the toughest lefty bats in the division in Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer.

Thornton seems primed now that his back stiffness is gone, but Logan has allowed 10 earned runs in his last eight outings.

''The only thing I don't like is [Logan's] body language in the clubhouse or the dugout,'' Guillen said. ''It feels like, we know you stink right now, but don't sit around like, 'Please help me.' You have to go out there and bounce back. That's the difference between good and bad players.''

Cooper's message to Logan was even more direct.

''Boone?'' Cooper said. ''Time he gets his head out of his [butt] and get him back to where he's contributing.''