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Thirteen Times Two

Mark Buehrle had one of those innings, allowing 3 runs following a (mental, if not physical) error, to get things started Monday night, but the White Sox offense quickly dug him out from the hole and eventually turned the game into another laugher. The offense was the story of the night, scoring 13 runs for the second straight game, and feat the Sox hadn't accomplished since May 10th and 11th of 1994, when they scored 16 and 14 in back-to-back games, coincidentally against the Mariners. The Sox are, not surprisingly, nearly unbeatable when they score 13 (6-0 in '08) and hit 4 HR in a game (8-1), an offensive strategy I think they should employ more often in the future.

Nick Swisher supplied the Sox first homer of the night, tying the game at 3 with 1-out in the second, but it was maybe the most unlikeliest of players hitting the biggest one of the night. Orlando Cabrera followed up a rare Juan Uribe walk with an even rarer HR to put the Sox ahead for good in what would become the deciding 5th inning. 9 straight Sox reached base safely in the inning, plating 6 runs and chasing Jarrod Washburn in the process.

I'm reluctant to even bring up the fact that Washburn was the second straight starter-- both left-handers--the Sox hung an 8-spot on, knowing full well that such a mention is bound to incite self-righteous comments from a variety of internet loudmouths. But seeing as this very self-righteous loudmouth wrote that Washburn "sucked" just hours after it became obvious that the Sox needed a replacement 5th starter, I'll allow a thread for gloating. (wink)

Toby Hall, who was last seen getting rejected in his attempted shaving cream pieing of Jermaine Dye, and subsequently holding his throwing shoulder, is reportedly fine, or at least that's the story he was telling CSN at 10:45 tonight.

The Sox picked up a game on the Twins, which they're scheduled to give back tomorrow, as they send Clayton Richard to the mound to oppose King Felix.