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Alexei Ramirez Is The World's Greatest Hitting Coach

Let's start this recap with a quote taken from my recap at arguably the Sox low point of the season following a 4-game sweep at the hands of the Blue Jays.

I've been sitting up waiting for more definitive news on the state of the Sox roster, because all I know right now is that changes appear imminent. Adam Russell is gone without appearing in a game, and it looks like Alexei Ramirez is your new starting 2B. Why? I have no idea.

Juan Uribe's presence in the lineup is tough to defend, but he still seems to give the Sox a better chance to win than any of the other options at second base.

Ozzie made changes following that game, but they weren't the sweeping changes that some were calling for. Mostly, he revamped the top of the lineup, making it the now-familiar Cabrera-Pierzynski-Quentin trio. But the real change, the one I was against on May 6th, didn't come until the 16th.

On May 16th, the Sox stood at 20-20 and sat in second place, unable to take advantage of slow starts by the division favorites. The offense was the main culprit, scoring an average of 4.5 runs/game, and ranking near the very bottom of baseball in batting average (.242/.328/.401).

Enter Alexei Ramirez

Ramirez finally got his chance to inject a serious dose of Cuban pride into the lineup when Juan Uribe was forced to the DL. He has done nothing but hit since (.333/.351/.525 not including Wednesday's game), and the White Sox offense hasn't been the same (in a good way).

The White Sox have gone 53-33 since Ramirez took over at second, averaging 5.5 runs/game and a .279/.345/.479 triple-slash line (again, not including Wednesday's 15-run barrage). Clearly, Ramirez is the World's Best Hitting Coach.