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I got nothin'

I don't feel like I have anything to say tonight, but I thought I should throw up a new thread. Here are some thoughts from Roger Ebert on the wonders of blogging.

I started this blog in May, and it has enriched my life. I have been astonished by the high quality of the comments received. I have also been educated, amused, moved, corrected, encouraged. I personally read all the comments that are submitted, and after four months I have received not one obscene message, not one illiterate message, not one hostile message. Those few comments I have not published were not dumb or offensive, but simply things like well-wishes that I didn't think most readers would be interested in.


To be sure, ocasionally something will occur to me that I idly consider including in a blog. During the last ten days, for example, it has occurred to me that beach volleyball is the most boring and repetitive spectator sport in the Olympics. You can remember great races, gymnastics routines, soccer games, divers, bicycle racers. But in the third set of a volleyball match, can you remember specific blocks, spikes, saves or serves from the first set? They're all much of a muchness. And Misty May and Kerri have essentially one supply of interview answers, which they have now cheerfully supplied to NBC, oh, 10 times. I was also angered when NBC interviewed the American about why she finished second in the 200 meter race, but ignored the Jamaican who won gold, and was standing right there. Do they know that Jamaicans speak English too, and longer than most of us?

But don't get me started. You mark my words. This entry will draw more comments about politics and volleyball than it does about the wonders of blogging. I can live with that.