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Floyd Wins a Snoozer

The Sox had as many hits against Brian Burres before he recorded an out Wednesday as they did in 8 innings of effort in April. The recap of that game describes a fait accompli, all but over when John Danks lost his perfect game and shutout in the 6th inning. This game had pretty much the same feel, though thankfully with the teams reversed.

Orlando Cabrera led off the game with a bloop double, and Nick Swisher, batting in the #2 hole with AJ Pierzynski getting the night off, hit a HR in the game's second at-bat, to set the tempo for the night. All told, the Sox pounded out 9 extra-base hits on the evening, including 3 by Cabrera, to give themselves a 6-0 lead by the middle of the 4th inning and send the gamethreads into a blissfully sweet slumber.

Looking back at that April recap, the Sox have come a long way from the team "weighed down by three automatic outs at the bottom of the lineup." They've been downright dangerous from 1 through 9 since the addition of their new hitting coach at the deadline. Dare I say, they're even beating up the teams and pitchers you're supposed to bash into last week, the RA Dickeys of the baseball world. They almost look like a playoff team. Almost.

The last 30 games will tell the story.

* * * * *

Swisher left the game after fouling a ball of his leg. The leg was last seen in the mouth a wolf roaming Baltimore's inner harbor on a skateboard*, which is a dangerous place for a skateboarding wolf, dude. It's not known if Swisher's prosthetic leg, fashioned out of a discarded baseball bat (ash, not maple), will be ready in time for tomorrow's game.

* Everyone knows wolves can't ride skateboards. Stupid.