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Brushing Up On Radhames Liz

We need a new thread and I wanted an excuse to make Liz jokes.

Liz is your typical big stuff, little command, flyball inducing, minor league strikeout machine. He features a mid-90's fastball and a sharp, but inconsistent slider (think Edwin Jackson), and a show-me chaneup. He found limited success in the O's bullpen last September, and might ultimately end up there long-term. But for now, he's in the 0's rotation, back from a 4 start stint in AAA, giving up too many free bases and too many HRs on his fastball.

Colin can add to this if he'd like. I just wanted a new thread

[Note by The Cheat, 08/27/08 2:38 PM CDT ] Because of lagging site values since the loss of Wiz to the wolves in his mother's basement--we're down over 50% according to dnScoop--I've upgraded Colin to Editor. And because we all know that Colin won't be up to the task, I thought I should give him some help. So without consulting them, I've upgraded our most rec'd posters, The Actual El Guapo and thecip, all the way from the mailroom to the executive suites.

[Update by Colin, 08/27/08 4:00 PM CDT]

I said below that Jackson is a good comp, but it looks like his extended tour in the majors has given him the relative polish that Liz lacks.  Against righties, Liz hasn't thrown even 50% of his sliders for a strike.  This is the inconsistency Cheat referred to.  More updates possibly to come.