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¡Viva Alexei!


I've been hesitant to bring up Alexei Ramirez because, well, I still haven't got him figured out yet. He's completely undisciplined, except when he's taking borderline pitcher's pitches. He's got a high BABIP, which you would expect from a player with his speed, but his LD% is well below what you would expect from his lofty BABIP. He breaks his bat a lot, often for base hits, which, if you'll remember, is one of the reasons I wanted him to get some more work in the minors, yet it almost seems as if his broken bat hits are a repeatable skill. I could go on, but just go read Jim's piece on Alexei, as he touches on a number of points that I would make here.

I know a number of you would like to see Alexei consistently hitting higher in the lineup--6th seems to be a popular choice. I'm still not there yet. Even though he's produced very well with RISP, I'm generally confident that a few well located pitches will get him out. I just don't know what to make of this guy.

Your thoughts?