Alfredo Aveces

A quick look at Alfredo Aveces that I threw together this afternoon:

Aveces is an excellent control pitcher, walking just 29 batters in 154.2 innings between A, AA, AAA, and the majors this year. He features a low-90's fastball and a high-80's cut fastball to go along with a low-80's changeup and high-70's curveball.

He uses the fastball and cutter the most, throwing those pitches 51.7% and 20.5% of the time in his limited major-league innings. Aveces uses his offspeed pitches much less, featuring his changeup 16.1% of the time and his curveball 11.7% of the time.

I'm not exactly sure if he's the kind of pitcher the White Sox could crush or get shut down by. Any thoughts?

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