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Ozzie Guillen as William Wallace

Ozzie Guillen, dressed in a kilt and in full face paint, held a pre-game meeting to fire up his players.

"I tell them no matter what we do for 150 games, people aren't going to remember that. People are going to remember what you do from today to the last day of the season," Guillen said. "Then they're going to say they had a bad year or a good year or a great year. That's all they'll remember. They're not going to remember July or August. They're going to remember what's going on between today and the rest of the days."

And don't bother watching the scoreboard. Looking behind will only get you caught.

"Don't feel too comfortable with a 1 1/2-game lead. And they're begging for another team to do our job. If we want to do this thing, we are the ones who have take care of it.

"We are the ones that have to push for this one, not just lose one game and all of a sudden look at the scoreboard and say, 'Thank you, Tampa [Bay],' or 'Thank you, Detroit .' No. That's not the way you win pennant races."

They'll never take... OUR DIVISION!