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Sox Drop DH Opener, Can't Beat Blue Jays

Javier Vazquez had his good stuff in Tuesday's first game of a double header with the Blue Jays. Unfortunately for the Sox, AJ Burnett had better, no-hit-type stuff. In fact, he carried a no-hitter into the 6th when Orlando Cabrera hit a smash off the glove of Scott Rolen.

  • Jim Thome's sac fly in the 6th inning broke up a run of 19 straight innings in which the Sox only scoringing (if any) came on solo homers.
  • AJ Pierzynski twice bunted into a fielder's choice. It was the third time he's done that in the last two series, with all three bunts being pushed straight up the middle.
  • AJ wasn't the only one who couldn't bunt. Juan Uribe and Alexei Ramirez each failed to get down bunts in obvious Ozzie bunting situations.
  • I'm trying to figure out what Ozzie intended with his bullpen usage. Vazquez went 98 pitches, which doesn't exactly put him in the best position to start on short rest Saturday, so I'm not sure why he didn't get another inning of work in. Ozzie called on Horacio Ramirez and Ehren Wasserman to work the 7th, then backed them up with Matt Thornton and Mike MacDougal. Thornton threw just 8 pitches to get 2 strikeouts. He used both his preferred lefties, but seemed to pull both of them earlier than needed. I don't know if either will be available for the late game.

    [Update by The Cheat, 09/09/08 4:37 PM CDT ]: CSN's post-game coverage mentioned that Javy left the stadium after he was pulled to tend to his wife, who had been hit by a foul ball at some point during the game.

  • Nick Swisher can take a strike 3 looking.
  • The Sox have scored 6 runs on 18 hits in 5 games against the Jays this year.
  • The Sox have allowed 13 runs (8 earned) in the games against the Jays this season.
  • All 3 of the Jays runs came after two outs, nobody on.
  • Overbay's double in the 6th came on a center-cut, belt-high fastball. AJ called for the pitch up and out of the zone.