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Paul Konerko's Injury Not Catastrophic, Still Bad

When Paul Konerko fell to the ground clutching his knee in the 5th inning, I thought the season was over. I thought he was lost for next season as well. I looked bad. He didn't want to put any weight on his right leg as he was helped off the field.

It was announced during the game that Konerko had a less serious MCL strain as opposed to the ACL tear which we feared. Still, depending on the severity of the strain, and judging by the way he walked off the field it wasn't as "mild" as it's being classified, Konerko could be lost for the season.

Ozzie Guillen didn't even want to talk about Konerko in his post-game press conference, joking that the trainers should have to come out and face the media. He concluded his session by stating that Konerko was "week-to-week" and instructed media not to ask him about Konerko tomorrow because he was "week-to-week."

Nick Swisher figures to be the Sox first baseman in Konerko's absence, with Brian Anderson, DeWayne Wise and (ugh) Jerry Owens, picking up the slack in the outfield. Unfortunately, they figure to see most of thier time in LF because, as we all know, CF is the easiest of the outfield positions to play.