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Let's Get Drunk and Watch Some LCS Action

So I was thinking about setting up an out-of-season get together. Originally, I thought I should schedule something over the winter break so that the college kids could attend, but I want the event to be somewhat baseball related. So I was gonna do a Let's get drunk and watch a 5 hour World Series game meetup, but upon looking at the schedule a minute ago, the only weekend night of World Series action is Halloween. Somehow, I think we'd lack participation, and I have no desire to see larry in his dead-horse costume.

So, because certain events have driven me to excessive drinking, and because this Friday affords us the opportunity to not-watch two LCS games, I've decided that our baseball-related off-season get together that existed only in my head -- there may yet be a Christmas break non-baseball event -- should be moved up.

Talk about some advanced notice. You're welcome. I'm a great planner. 

When: Friday
Where: TBD -- Gimme me some suggestions
What: Have a beer w/ The Cheat and maybe watch some baseball.
Who: You and I, with special guest Miguel Cabrera

Ideas, comments, questions & animated gifs in the comments.