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The Top 5 White Sox Games of 2009

While the White Sox didn't make the playoffs this year (or finish above .500 for that matter), it never really felt like a chore to watch (at least to me) like 2007 did.  Once the season ended (and this lull between playoff rounds began), I started thinking about what games were the best ones from this season.  Some caveats: I only went with games we won.  I personally don't care much for losses and didn't feel like putting any close, but last second losses in my top 5.  Also, this is a pretty subjective exercise, so I don't expect everyone to agree with my choices.  Feel free to post your choices in the comments.  With that being said, the top 5 games from the 2009 season are after the jump.

5. May 25, @LAA  SOX: 17, LAA: 3

The main reason this game makes the cut is the 17 runs were the most the Sox had scored in a game since June 20, 2006.  Every starter had a hit, with the Thome, Konerko, and Dye all going yard.  The team scored 14 runs through the first five innings, and were only blanked in the sixth and the eighth.  The only reason it isn't ranked higher is the game was over by the second inning.

4. April 7, vs. KC SOX: 4, KC:2

Ah, Opening Day.  The holiest of all national holidays.  We had to wait longer than usual due to a snowout, but the payoff was well worth it.  Things looked pretty grim going into the eighth inning, when the worst manager in the AL Central brought in the beloved Kyle Farnsworth.  Every now and then, you feel like the baseball game is scripted.  When Jim Thome stepped up with two runners on and two outs, it felt like everyone watching knew what would happen next.  The season had so much promise back then.

3. April 13, @ DET SOX: 10, DET: 6

While the game itself was fairly unspectacular, the second inning alone insured that it would appear on this list.  Leading off, Jermaine Dye would take Zach Miner deep to left-center at 12:23 P.M. for his 300th career homerun.  Exactly three minutes later, Paul Konerko would blast one past the left field fence for his 300th as well.  This marked the first time in MLB history that two teammates had hit century milestone homeruns back to back.  The White Sox even had 7,000 little commemerative figures with a base made to honor the accomplishment (number 4,036 sits proudly on my desk).  A normal enough game, but the history makes it pretty special in my eyes.



2.  June 27, vs. CHC SOX: 8, CHC: 7

The complete opposite of a pitcher's duel, but an incredibly fun back-and-forth battle throughout gets this game the number two spot on the list.  The lead changed hands four times before the Pale Hose tied it up in the eighth on an Alexei Ramirez single.  I still remember sitting in left field with my current roommate Dan and wanting the game to come down to Gordon Beckham.  Whatever deities may be decided to answer my prayers.  With Josh Fields on second and Jayson Nix on first, Gordon Beckham stepped in with two outs.  Jose Ascanio's first pitch the the rookie would be crushed into the rightfield gap for our young savior's first walk off hit in the bigs.  There was something magical about hearing "Your Love" played before any other victory song.



1.  July 23, vs. TB SOX: 5, TB: 0

Was there ever any doubt what game was going to get number one?  There have been better articles written than I could ever hope to create.  Everything from Fields' grand slam to Wise's miracle catch was fantastic.  Even typing this just give me chills.  So I'll stop writing about it.  Pictures do more justice than I ever could.