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Save FNS: Another Victim of Unquestionably Incorrect Umpiring

The post-season umpiring controversy continued last night in the Yankees/Angels ALCS Game 4.

Yankees took a 3-1 series lead in a 10-1 blowout behind the superb pitching of CC Behemothia.
But once again, the Angels fans' focus is on the umps, despite the fact that the blown calls had little affect on the outcome of the game.

I sympathize with the Angels fans because it sure sucks to have umps make blatantly incorrect calls based on "heart" rather than "eyes."
But imagine how that poor ump felt, expected to call a game flawlessly while standing in the distracting presence of guys like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Nick Swisher. That is a whole lot of powerful, encompassing aura coming at you.
Plus, it's not easy calling two Yankees out at the same time. I can imagine the ump felt like he would be betraying God, in a way.

Let's face it - not all questionable calls in the post-season can be as fun as AJ's run to first on the dropped third-strike, after Doug Eddings called him out (and boy, was that a good time for everyone, as far as I can remember).....

So, when you aren't doing Zapruder-like analysis on the trajectory of saliva passing Mariano Rivera's lips, and you're bored with F-ingNS, and happen to sometimes forget that another league even exists in baseball (Phils also lead 3-1, by the way).....

Where do you stand with the idea of instant replays in baseball?
This tired topic gets rehashed every year, but this post-season seems to be especially riddled with blown calls.

Boogie on down with this fancy poll and talk amongst yourselves.