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Hey, Guys! It's Your Old Pal, OC.

Just wanted to check in, see how you all are doing.  I'm doing okay.  The offseason was a little rough and I had to play in Oakland for awhile.  But I'm in Minnesota now.  Hey - did you guys get those draft picks I sent? I hope those are working out well for you guys.

Listen, the reason I'm calling is because it looks like both of us have a pretty big game today.  Now, I know you guys don't exactly like the Twins.  Just looking up the middle of our defense and seeing Nicky Punto, Carlos Gomez and me probably makes most of you want to puke.  But do you really want to see Jim Leyland, Magglio Ordonez and Brandon Inge (am I the only one who thinks he looks like a child-killer?) celebrating at your expense? Didn't think so.  I like kicking a city in the teeth when it's down, too.

At any rate, good luck today.  I'll be scoreboard watching and thinking of you guys.  Talk to you later - and say hi to Mrs. Cowley for me!