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It's ROY Day! - And Beckham Gets 5th Place.


  • The Rookie of the Year Awards are announced today, so use this thread to celebrate, or, alternately, plot your murders of those other undeserving rookies and the BWAA members who voted for them. Edit: Gordon Beckham gets 5th place. Andrew Bailey wins.
  • Kenny Williams thinks the National League sucks.


    "A guy going from the American League to the National League, no disrespect, but. ... "

    "There are guys in the American League who go to the National League and don’t do well," Williams conceded, "but there are not too many of them that I can think of."

  • And Phil Rogers declares Brent Morel the White Sox third baseman of the future. I can't say I agree, but 18 months ago when he was drafted, I did like his swing better than Beckham's from their scouting videos. I still like Morel, probably more than most prospect experts, yet I wouldn't go so far as to call him the future of anything. He was blocked this year, when he probably should have received a mid-season promotion. He's still on the utility player track, though his ceiling seems like a Mark Teahen type, albeit with better defense.