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Ozzie Guillen Is Becoming Less Extreme

Last off-season, prompted by a game in which I perceived the outcome to be effected by Ozzie Guillen's quick hook, I examined the evolution of Guillen's hook. I thought about taking it a step further in the dead time around Christmas again, but in flipping through the 2010 Bill James Handbook, I found they've done the work for me, though using a different methodology. 

I was given an an advanced copy of the Handbook in exchange for a review and a few links (full disclosure -- Suck on it, FTC!). Unfortunately, a review isn't forthcoming anytime soon. I'm just too damn busy. But I thought I demonstrate its usefulness by simply presenting Ozzie Guillen's capsule from the managers section.

Click to enlarge, and less blurify
Thanks to e-Gus for supplying a more readable image. Still missing the last columns, but that's just W-L percentage. I think you can live.

Ozzie has become a boring manager. He doesn't seem to have any extreme tendencies anymore. Bold (extra blurry) indicates league leader. Gone are the Slow Hooks, the Long Outings, Relievers used on Consecutive Days, and all those Sacrifices Attempted. The only area where Ozzie stands out now, having intentional walks blow up in his face, isn't directly under his control (unless he stops ordering walks altogether, which, hey, I'm not against). With a rotation of Peavy, Buehrle, Danks and Floyd, and a bullpen that features only two members you can reasonably count on heading into the season, I'd love to see Ozzie fall back into his '04-'06 pattern of letting the starters work deep into games.

Key (after the jump)

G -- Games Managed
LUp -- Number of different Lineups used
PL% -- Percentage of players who had the platoon advantage at the beginning of the game
PH -- Pinch Hitters used
PR -- Pinch Runners used
DS -- Defensive Substitutes used
Quick -- Quick hooks
Slow -- Slow hooks
LO -- Long Outings by starting pitchers
RCD -- Relievers used on Consecutive Days
LS -- Long Saves
Rel -- Relievers used
SBA -- Stolen Base Attempts
SacBA -- Sacrifice Bunt Attempts
RM -- Runners Moving with the pitch
PO -- Pitchouts Orders
# -- Intentional walks issued
Good -- Intentional walks resulting in a Good outcome
NG -- Intentional walks resulting Not in a Good outcome
Bomb -- Intentional walks blowing up on a manager
W -- Wins
L -- Losses
Pct. -- Winning Percentage