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Bobby Jenks Cements His Place as White Sox Regular Most-Likely to be Traded this Off-Season

Free agency is 24 hours old, and the supposedly inactive White Sox are keeping things interesting. As you've no doubt heard by now, they're supposedly close to a bringing in Omar Vizquel to play a backup role, and now Joe Cowley has won the weekend with some juicy quotes from Bobby Jenks and Ozzie Guillen:

"Did I feel I was being picked on? No," Jenks said in a phone interview. "But I felt I was the easy scapegoat because I had struggled in the end with some nagging injuries. This organization, just like most in this game, tell you, 'Come in, our door is open and tell us what's on your mind.' And when you do, they turn it around on you and make you feel bad. They're playing on your own words. They want you to come in, be honest and then they turn it around."

There's more... I'd post it, but I'd just be ripping off the entire article. Head on over to the Sun-Times and read Cowley's piece, then come back here to make some cracks about Orlando Cabrera's sexual partners.