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Crisp Rumor Hardly Fresh

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, and it's already beginning to seem like the daily White Sox rumors are simply those that have trotted out in the past. Today, it's Coco Crisp, no longer as a not-living-up-to-his-contract CFer on the trade market, but as a just-coming-off-of-two-shoulder-surgeries free agent. The White Sox and Royals are said to be interested.

Crisp might be a good buy-low candidate for a team in need of a CFer, but the Sox have about $12M/yr tied up in their CF solution. And their true need lies at a corner outfield spot and DH, where Crisp's bat becomes a much bigger liability.

Elsewhere, the Sox are not among those teams listed as interested in Nick Johnson, who has become a bit of a cause célèbre around here.