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SSS Mailbag

We always enjoy getting questions here at SSS so let's delve right in.

What do you hear about the plans for the future of Jared Mitchell? Since his game seems to be more advanced at a young age, like Gordon Beckham's clearly is, do you think we might be seeing him getting a real chance next season?
-- Mike, Georgetown, Texas

Mike, I have no clue where you heard that Mitchell is advanced.  That's crazy talk.  He might get a "real chance" at Birmingham next season.  In the future, please do some research before wasting our time.

Well, there have been some big rumors going around saying Paul Konerko is going to the Angels and Adrian Gonzalez coming to the White Sox, but we would give up prospects. Can we afford to weaken our farm system?
-- Peter, Chicago

Petey, Konerko has been going to the Angels for years.  With their lack of Figguns and Cotchmann, there's no way this made-up deal is ever going to happen.  SouthSideSox, however, has been hearing that the White Sox are in talks - preliminary ones, mind you - with Toronto regarding a trade involving seven teams - including the Pittsburgh Pirates, Hanshin Tigers, and the Amsterdam Pirates of the Honkbal Hoofdklasse - to acquire Ray Hallidae and Johannes van der Wiel of Hesselink.  I caution you that these are preliminary talks but this could be a huge acquisition.  Maybe.

What will the White Sox bullpen look like in 2010? It's hard for me to picture it right now.
-- Lisa, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Lisa, Don't expect much change. Here's a picture: 7_20_09_20rays_20vs_20white_20sox_20__20us_20cellular_20field_20004_medium


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