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SSS Art Project: MS Paint Edition

Musket Love. (by hsa)
Musket Love. (by hsa)

Have you been non-tendered because of "economics" even though you were more valuable than many of your co-workers?

Do you have a case of the Mondays?

Well, don't worry, because SSS is here to kill your productivity and make the day fly by...

Here at SSS, we've got a long history of MS Paint drawings dating as far back as Podsednik's first go-round.

So I thought we'd build on that tradition with a little art project (and competition). Open up your cheap-ass image editor and give us your best (or worst) White Sox related MSPainting.  It can be anything from Punto's hilarious slide-back-towards-third to an abstract work about Ozzie Guillen calling a certain someone a 'fag.'

If we happen to get enough worthy participants, I'll put them up for a vote into the SSS Hall of Fame, which is really just the laundry basket that I refuse to fully empty of clean-yet-wrinkled clothes.  (Oh and I've got another group project in mind for the Christmas break dead time...So look for that sometime in February).