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To DH or not to DH.....

Probably best to get some fresh thread blood up for the weekend. 
Here is a warm and cozy place to kick back and continue pondering the remaining, possibly tragic (hence the title) 2010 roster hole: DH.

Is Thome waiting by the phone, as Mitch. depicted in his "Gentleman on Velvet"?
Should we pursue Cust/Delgado/Vlad/any other oafish sluggers? 
How about that Rotating DH idea (Kotsay/Vizquel/Jones)?  Would Ozzie really do that to us?

I hope you don't mind the itchy-scab-scented incense I'm burning from the last thread.  I promise there are a couple new wounds after the jump. 


~Sox claim Freddy Dolsi for the 40-man and a potential bullpen spot.  (Yarmulke-tip to joewho112.)

Dolsi, 26, was 4-3 with a 3.83 ERA and 10 saves in 39 games with Class AAA Toledo last season. He also was 1-0 with a 1.69 ERA in six games with the Tigers. He has spent seven seasons in the Tigers' minor leagues.

~Jim at SoxMachine already compiled the worstuv position players list, and here is his take on the awfulest of awful Sox mound-dwellers of the past decade.  

~The Mariners continue to assemble quite the pretty little team...most recently at the expense of those cross-town losers.  M's dumped Carlos Silva to the Cubs for Milton Bradley. 
Where better for sensitive-skinned Bradley to go, than the city of pussies!  Makes perfect sense to me!  I bet he didn't even enjoy jaywalking in Chicago! 

In case you weren't keeping track, that's Chone Figggguhns + Cliff Lee + Milton Bradley to the M's this offseason.  They are quickly emerging as the AL West team to beat.  Should be lots of no fun for yours truly, so I'm going to enjoy this now, while I can just make fun of the Cubs for such a crappy trade. 

If you're bored and curious, take a peak over at LookoutLanding, where entertainment always abounds.  

I wouldn't be surprised if there's something fun happening on BCB too.  Feel free to use the comments to link to any memorable posts from either. 

~It's the weekend before Christmas and since most of you are god-fearers, you'll probably be hitting the shopping malls with all the other good Christians.  Good luck with that!  Try to not get trampled to death in the name of Baby Jesus.

So to get and stay in the spirit, here is my favorite Christmas song...I've heard "better" versions, but this one always puts me right in the Christ is born! sort of mood.  Enjoy!