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Beckham to the Leadoff Position? And Other Less Than Good Ideas.

The main focus fell upon the White Sox leadoff hitter, or lack thereof, at this point. Gordon Beckham would be the most likely present candidate to fill that spot, but Guillen didn't sound as if Beckham would be a long-term solution.

"A lot of people are saying that, and he's the one right now, in the lineup, I have right now," said Guillen of Beckham at leadoff. "That's the only guy really I have. I really would like to have someone out there. I think Beckham is a god RBI man. I don't want to take the bat away from him.

Ideally, Guillen would like to have Beckham hit sixth or seventh and start a better-suited player in the lineup's top slot.

There are certainly worse ideas out there. Like these:

A designated hitter-by-committee situation still seems to be a flexible and favorable option in Guillen's mind.

"Everyone is going to play," Guillen said. "Right now, we don't have a true DH, so I have a chance to move people. I can put (Omar) Vizquel at DH and as leadoff hitter if we don't have one. There's (Mark) Kotsay, (Paul) Konerko, Andruw, Vizquel, even (Mark) Teahen.

And this is something that could be dangerous but, at his price and the current OF situation, why not?

Don't rule out Andruw Jones as an everyday outfield player, if, and this is a big if, he reports to Spring Training in shape.

"That first talk I had with Andruw, before we signed him, he said he wanted to play every day," Guillen said. "I said, 'Well, you want to play every day? Make sure you come up to Spring Training and (take charge).'

"We are not going to give you that job, we not. You come here and show you can play, and I'll be more than happy to put him out there. It's going to be a nice competition."