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The Hardball Times seems to like us

So my copy of The Hardball Times Season Preview 2009 finally came today and after spending fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to get to the post office (downtown Champaign makes no sense), I was kind of surprised.   One, the thing is bigger than expected.  It's like if a magazine and a phone book had a kid.  Also, they actually seem to like the White Sox.  They predict us to take second or third, while contending the whole season.  They even acknowledge that we could surprise people and win the division again (in your face BP).

Some interesting bits:

  • Mark Buehrle has a 5.2% chance at 300 wins.  Only Pettite, Webb, Sabathia, Zambrano, Halladay, Johnson, and Oswalt have higher percentages.
  • Only two Sox players even show up in the high injury risk category (Thome and Dotel), and they only show up in the honorable mentions department.
  • Paulie and Jermaine both have 9.1% shots at 500 homers
  • Our highest-valued fantasy players project to be Jenks for pitchers and Dye for hitters

If anyone wants to know anymore from the book, ask and I'd be happy to post it.  And on a nice little end-note, part of each team's write-up includes THT's favorite blog(s).  The favorite ChiSox blogs happen to be South Side Sox and Sox Machine.  Congrats Cheat and Jim, here's hoping it brings more traffic.