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First Full Squad Workout

Gordon Beckham discusses the mechanical change in his swing he made in the final days of the Arizona Fall League, where he hit .394/.468/.652 overall.

Specifically, Beckham switched to a more compact swing after coiling his bat.

"It felt very good," said Beckham, who batted .533 with three home runs in his final seven games. "(My stance) was more compact and there wasn't much movement in my head."

Gonzales' observations about the workout:

During infield drills, manager Ozzie Guillen quickly noticed that versatile Wilson Betemit was working out at third base and quickly moved him to shortstop. The Sox will need a trustworthy backup shortstop in the event that Brent Lillibridge wins the starting second base job, and Betemit has experience at shortstop.

As for third base, 19-year-old Cuban Dayan Viciedo didn't get a chance to display his reportedly powerful throwing arm. But he appeared comfortable during fielding drills.

As for his frame, Viciedo seemed to move well for someone listed at 5-foot-11 and 240 pounds.

It was tough to judge Viciedo after one day of batting practice, other than he has legitimate power to all fields.

 And Fields on his offseason defensive work.

"We would get out there, and Joey would hit as many possible ground balls as he could in the shortest amount of time that he could," said Fields with a smile of his private offseason workouts with Cora. "We would start out at 9 or 10 o'clock and end up at 12 or 1.

"Basically, I took ground ball after ground ball after ground ball. Sometimes, it seemed like he was holding a machine gun and not necessarily a Fungo when he was hitting because it was ball, ball, ball, one right after another.


Cora believes a different Fields will be on display this year, and not solely because of their extra offseason work. It's simply about Fields being healthy again and far more flexible.

"You can tell right away the difference with the way he's moving because he's healthy," Cora said. "I want to say he was battling that injury since almost when he got here [with the White Sox]. You are going to see the athletic Fields we were hearing about because he's healthy."