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4 Sox farmhands appear on Baseball America's Top 100

With a major h/t to DirtySox for making me aware the list had finally been posted, we finally have the Baseball America Top 100 Prospects of 2009 list.  This year's edition contains four future (hopefully) White Sox: Gordon Beckham, Aaron Poreda, Dayan Viciedo, and Tyler Flowers.  This is a very positive sign in regards to how far our farm system has come since last season, when we did not have a single player deemed worthy enough to make the list.  More BA info on each prospect after the jump.

Edit: I went back and fixed some errors, added a fangraphs link for those that had anything, and listed where players we traded away ranked.

Gordon Beckham comes in at number 20.  They mention the fact that he tied for the NCAA lead in home runs last season with 28, and list his ETA as this season.  He will be 22 when the season starts.  I guess he will make his first appearence this year, but I don't really see anything more than a September call-up.  Beckham will be playing both shortstop and second base in the minors these season, as if he's good enough defensively at short, we could see Alexei move back to second.

Dayan Viciedo comes in next, at number 61.  They make mention of the fact that he has hit 32 home runs over the last three years in Cuba.  This doesn't sound all that impressive until you remember that he was the age of a high schooler doing this in a league full of grown men.  They list him as a 3B/OF, also with an ETA of this season.  Like Beckham before him, I don't think Dayan will get anything more than a cup of coffee this season, but then again I didn't expect Che to spend more than two months in the majors last season.

Aaron Poreda comes in next at number 63.  Apparently in just over 80% of his starts at AA, he lasted at least six innings, which is a nice show of durability I guess.  The lanky left-hander will be 22 on opening-day and of the four prospects on this list is probably the most-likely to spend the most time in the majors this season.  If Clayton Richard starts the season as a starter, it might not be that far-fetched to see Poreda as the second-lefty out of the pen behind Thornton.  His ETA is also listed as this season.

Tyler Flowers rounds out our prospects and almost the entire list, coming in at number 99.  Flowers will be 23 on Opening Day.  He slugged .973 in the AFL this fall, which is probably what led to Kenny Williams trading for him in the first place (if you're new around here, KW loves the AFL).  They list his ETA as next season, which I believe to be a very fair assessment.

It's nice to actually start being recognized as having good prospects once again.  While we probably won't ever have the depth of an Oakland or Texas farm system, it is comforting to see some talent coming up the pipes. 

Former Sox minor leaguers on the list: Aaron Cunningham at 55 (OF, OAK), Chris Carter at 76 (1B/3B/OF, OAK), Daniel Cortes at 90 (RHP, KC), and Gio Gonzalez at 97 (LHP, OAK).