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Cactus League Opener -- White Sox @ Angels

White Sox' Lineup

Jerry Owens CF
AJ Pierzynski C
Carlos Quentin LF
Jim Thome DH
Jermaine Dye RF
Alexei Ramirez SS
Ben Broussard 1B
Josh Fields 3B
Chris Getz 2B

Baseball is back!

Maybe it's not real baseball, but it's the best we've got, baby.

The Sox open Cactus League play today by traveling to Tempe to take on the Angels. It looks like the Sox are sending their projected opening day lineup (minus Paul Konerko). Clayton Richard gets the start, with a parade of pitchers behind him.

Seriously, he's scheduled to be followed by Octavio Dotel, Matt Thornton, somebody named Randy Williams, Jon Link, Lucas Harrell, Brad Salmon and Ehren Wassermann.

Still, I'm vaguely excited. Go Sox! (for three and a half innings)