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Notes from the Sox Spring Training Opener

Nothing is decided in the first game of spring training. But since we can't fast forward through life until April, one game is all we have to talk about. So talk about it we will...

MLB Florida and Arizona Spring Training -
SB Nation
  • Jerry Owens will try to bunt his way into the Sox lineup. Owens lead off the game with a bunt single, but popped up to the catcher on the first pitch of a bases loaded at-bat in his second trip to the plate. It sounded like he made a nice play at the wall to end Octavio Dotel's shaky inning.
  • Dotel was said to have looked "like poop" in the first days of spring, and he confirmed that diagnosis with a 3-run inning that included a HBP, a BB, two ripped doubles, and the previously mentioned 420 foot final out to Owens. Supposedly he's working on a changeup, but I'd say the early returns are less than
  • Chris Getz made a couple of nice plays at second base, but nobody really questioned whether he could play defense. It's the bat we have to watch.
  • Clayton Richard took the first step towards claiming one of the two open rotation spots, retiring 6 of the 7 batters he faced. A walk to Sean Rodriguez was the only blemish against the southpaw.
  • Jayson Nix recorded the Sox only extra-base hit, a double off one of LAA's Rodriguez octuplets.
  • Brad Salmon filled that time-honored position of Sox Pitcher You've Never Heard Of Serving As Late-Inning Batting Practice.
  • On the radio, DJ didn't sound too bad in his first go around with Ed Farmer. There were a couple awkward moments, but they were awkwardly-worded thoughts, which are a whole lot better than the awkward silences of recent booths past.
And it all added up to another spring loss for the Sox, who haven't had a winning spring since 2004.