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Game 2 of White Sox Spring Training: Viciedo, Beckham Debut

Viciedo, despite a defensive misstep, debuted to rave reviews:

Viciedo opened with a clean, first-inning single to left off an 0-1 pitch from Colorado starter Jason Hirsh. He grounded into a double play in the third and lined out to right fielder Daniel Ortmeier in the fifth before being replaced at third base by Javier Castillo in the sixth inning.

"I felt relaxed, no pressure at all," said Viciedo, through translator and White Sox bench coach Joey Cora. "I felt happy and very good to finally play a game in the big leagues."

"The kid can swing the bat. He really, really can swing the bat," Guillen said of Viciedo. "And he's not scared."

Beckham didn't get the start but came on as a sub. The White Sox' consensus top prospect was 0-1 but drew a walk and stole second base.

Lillibridge began his insurgent campaign for the second base job with a 2-4 performance and a stolen base. If Sox fans want to see a guy who actually could steal 50 or more bases, he's the one.

Corky Miller had two singles and a double. Also apparently showed off his glove and toughness with a block of the plate to complete a double play.

Floyd gave up a run over two innings and then Egbert, Carrasco, Broadway, and Nunez combined to pitch seven scoreless innings to close out the White Sox' first victory of the spring. 

Box score

In other news, expect Contreras and Colon to be pitching in live games around mid-March. Their current schedule according to Coop:

The two will finish off their throwing programs Friday morning at the facility in Glendale, take two days off, and then take the mound to throw sideline sessions on Monday.
"Just fastballs, changeups, to build some arm strength,'' Cooper said.
If there are no setbacks, then they will throw sidelines on March 4 and again on the seventh. Cooper will then give them March 8 off, and bring them back the following day to face their first live hitting in a batting practice session.
"It's the same stuff we were doing with the guys that were here before and healthy, and ready to go,'' Cooper said of the process.