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Un-Wise Use of Salary

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We still have another 10 days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training, 10 days which are sure to be filled with more boring puff pieces than agent-fabricated rumors. Today brings us the headline "Wise not assured of Sox roster spot," which begs the question, Why was he given a guaranteed contract?

Elsewhere, USA Today ran a quote from a Cuban Baseball expert skeptical of Dayan Viciedo.

Some think the frequent comparisons with legendary Cuban third baseman Omar Linares are far-fetched.

"(Viciedo) was not one of the top six or seven third basemen on the island," says Cuban baseball expert Peter Bjarkman, who has seen Viciedo play more than 25 times. "He simply never developed after his (second) season."

But Viciedo has reportedly dropped about 20 pounds this off-season, causing Ozzie Guillen to call him the "former fat guy." And in the linked Wise article Merkin states that he's likely to open the season in AAA, which would still put him a level or two ahead of most 20 year old prospects.