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Chris Getz: Community Projection

Looking back through the archives, we had started our community projections at this time last year. Seeing as I don't feel a need to add to the cacophony of A-Roid chatter, this seems like as good a time as any to start once again.

We started off with "our two young second baseman," Alexei Ramirez and Danny Richar, last year, so that's where we'll begin again today.

Chris Getz is up first. Getz has no power. He hit a total of 6 home runs over his first 1000 minor league at bats, but slugged 11 last season. But all 11 of his '08 homers came at the Knights' castle, which has 350 foot power alleys. Getz' '08 season ended abruptly in September when it was revealed that he had a broken wrist, an injury that is known to sap power.

Getz game isn't about power, obviously. He is a tough-to-strike-out singles hitter whose greatest assets are his ability to control the zone, put the ball in play and post a high OBP.

Will Getz' wrist be healed enough to allow him to play at the major league level? Will he get off to a fast enough start to get a majority of starts at 2B?

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