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Viva La Revolucion! White Sox Cubano News with a Bullet

  • Dayan Viciedo is no longer a teenager as he turns 20 today.
  • Jose Contreras is now officially a Cuban-American as he obtained his US Citizenship today.
  • Due to Conteras' return to Miami for his citizenship ceremony, C&C's bullpen session has been pushed back to Thursday. Saturday or Sunday is still the target for game action.
  • Cuba takes on Australia tonight in the WBC. MLBN has it at 9pm CDT. Odds are there is at least one future member of the White Sox playing.
  • Joe Cowley provides an update on the position battles at 2B, 3B, and CF.
  • Gordon Beckham updates his blog with a quote - is he talking about Jose and Dayan?
  • El Caballo weighs in on the WBC. He clearly has read The Book:

    The dangerous and emblematic Ichiro, who had already failed on three occasions, hit a single.

    The Japanese coach ordered a bunt from the second – and without doubt first-rate – batter of the team, and as a result, presented the opponents with their second out.

    I am sure that, for our experienced team, that would seemed an error whichever elemental way it is analyzed.