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AL Central 1B WARs

two states! i want two states!

Nothing To See Here

The division is split between legitimately talented major leaguers and near scrubs.  Kansas City has three pretty poor options.  They would have had two, but at some point this winter, Dayton Moore realized how much he hates saving money.  So he signed Mike Jacobs to a one year deal worth just over $3M.  Personally, I'd rather have Brian Myrow.

Ryan Garko got discussed in passing already.  He'll come up again when I look over the DHs, too.   With all of the power prospects coming through the Indians system, his purpose at the moment is placeholder.  Whether it's Beau Mills, Nick Weglarz and Matt LaPorta, someone is going to be cheaper and better in rapid order.

Cabrera is a legit star, projected to be the 4th best hitter in the game, a clear tier ahead of Konerko and Morneau, and is signed through 2015.  He'll be a thorn in the side for a long time.  Morneau is tied to the Twins until 2013 and he's still a significant force himself.  Nonetheless, he doesn't hit on a rate basis as well as Mauer and his defense hovers around average.  Morneau is kind of a More Than Capable Sidekick to Mauer's Catching Salvation, which is significantly less than he's billed as.

And it's hopefully that plus some Herm Schneider Magic Salve™ will keep Konerko within striking distance of his younger and more agile counterpart.  No one's asking for 2005 PK.  But a near collapse of production at the position would be untenable.