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Sunday Afternoon Gamethread

The Sox take on the Mariners in lovely Peoria, Arizona this afternoon at 3:05.

No video feed, but here's the live box score.


Sox: Owens-CF, Pierzynski-C, Quentin-LF, Dye-RF, Kroeger-1B, Ramirez-SS, Betemit-DH, Fields-3B, Beckham-2B, Contreras on the mound(!)

M's: Woodward-LF, Betancourt-SS, General Soreness-DH, Beltre-3B, Branyan-1B, Morse-RF, Redman-CF, Johnson-C, Corona-2B, Olson on the mound.

And the following is dedicated to those who made fun of me in my last gamethread:

Umpires: HP: NO UMPIRE. 1B: . 2B: . 3B: .
Weather: 77 degrees, sunny.
Wind: 7 mph, Varies.

That's right.  There are no umpires.