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White Sox Still Searching for Leadoff Man

In a development no one could have foreseen, the combined sucking sound coming from the White Sox center field candidates has Ozzie Guillen pulling names from a hat in his latest search to fill the Sox as-yet-to-be-claimed leadoff spot. The weakness has become so glaring it has lead at least one beat writer to invoke the name Scott Podsednik in a non-ironic manner.

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Thankfully, Guillen seems to be taking a much saner approach. Yesterday, we heard the name Chris Getz floated as a possibility for the first time. Though Guillen seems reluctant to throw Getz to the wolves for the same reasons we had 3 weeks ago. Today, he's throwing out the idea of using Brian Anderson (God, no!) or Josh Fields in the leadoff spot against left-handed pitching, which should sound familiar. Although, we used those two unpalatable options to come to the conclusion that we would eventually see Alexei Ramirez get the nod, at least against lefties. 

Ozzie's obviously thought about throwing Alexei at the top, but isn't ready to commit yet.

"Right now, it's still early to put Alexei there," Guillen said Thursday. "He's not in the picture right now to be there. Maybe against lefties during the season, maybe we will do that. I'd rather have Alexei as an RBI guy. He is pretty good with people on base, and I don't want to take the opportunity away from him."

Expect this issue to continue into at least mid-May, when Chris Getz should finally start to stake claim to a top-of-the-order spot.

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  • Mark Gonzales notes that Bartolo Colon will be throwing against A-ballers in a start on Friday. After his shaky outing in his first trip to the mound in game action earlier this week, this seems like a bit of a step backwards.

    I'm probably reading too much into the note. Admittedly, I wouldn't be reading anything into a similar move were it Buerhle, Floyd or Danks -- Guys throw in "B" games all the time -- but this just seems like an odd move for a guy with so many question marks surrounding his readiness.

    As I was writing this, Gonzo explains, "Colon is pitching in a minor-league game so the Sox can have more control over his work."

  • Aaron Poreda got roughed up in an inning plus of work against mostly Giants minor leaguers. Said Ozzie:

    "No good. He has been pitching well all spring. He just had a bad outing. I like to see that because you all of a sudden know you are not that good. It brings you back down to earth because it's easy when you're doing well. I like to see that because I want to see how they bounce back the next day."

    Meanwhile, Jack Egbert allowed a run in his second consecutive outing, an inefficient 27 pitch inning (2 doubles, BB, K), but at least he was facing a host of major leaguers (and Juan Uribe).

  • Larry points out that a poster at Soxtalk talked to Sergio Miranda (A-ball shortstop), who says he's been traded to the Brewers. Take it for what you will.