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Oakland Signs Orlando Cabrera, White Sox Receive Sandwich and 2nd Round Picks

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The Oakland Athletics signed Orlando Cabrera to a 1 year, $4 Million contract. Ham-sandwich_medium The White Sox will receive a supplemental first round pick (a/k/a sandwich pick) and Oakland's second round pick due to Cabrera's status as a Type A free agent who declined arbitration. The picks in the 2009 Draft are currently #38 and #61 but both could change if Manny Ramirez and/or Ben Sheets sign with a team other than the Dodgers and Brewers, respectively, prior to the draft and/or the latter pick could change if one of the remaining Type Bs sign with other teams.

This signing marks the closing of the book on the Cabrera-Jon Garland swap of last offseason. The White Sox were clear winners in the exchange of 1 year rentals, as Cabrera provided above average defense at a premium position, while Garland slid further into mediocrity, all at a dollar cost $4.5 million less than Garland. Further, Garland was a Type B free agent and will provide only a supplemental pick to the Angels (a pick which is also after the White Sox' supplemental pick).

After declining arbitration from the White Sox - a decision which meant foregoing a contract of $10 million or more (albeit non-guaranteed and with Kenny telling him he'd be on the bench) - Cabrera likely believed he would receive more than the two year, $18 million contract Edgar Renteria signed with the Giants in November. Despite what must be his obvious disappointment, Cabrera attempts to put lipstick on the pig known as his contract:

"That's a lot of money. A lot of money," he said of his $4 million contract. "It's an honor. I grew up watching (Oakland greats) Rickey Henderson, Carney Lansford and (Mark) McGwire.

Cabrera said he and his wife plan to drive from their home in South Carolina to the A's spring training camp in Phoenix.

"It's going to be fun. Giambi is one of my buddies."