You Bet Your Pretty Patootie It's Back: White Sox Minor League Update

And now we're fully authorized. Expect White Sox minor league coverage the likes of which you've never seen.

Something else the likes of which you've never seen is White Sox minor league talent concentrated at one level. The opening day Birmingham roster is going to be amazing. The consensus five top prospects - Gordon Beckham, Aaron Poreda, Dayan Viciedo, Tyler Flowers, and Brandon Allen - are all expected to start there.

The traditional model of handling first-round picks entering their first full seasons typically begins with an assignment in Class A, a nice and necessary feeder before prospects get sent into the teeth of the high minors.

However, when it comes to shortstop Gordon Beckham, there is apparently no need to wait.

Confident that he can handle an advanced league, particularly after his impressive showing in the Arizona Fall League, the White Sox will not tug on Beckham’s reins and instead are targeting Double-A Birmingham as a 2009 starting point.

Cuban sensation Dayan Viciedo, who was optioned to Triple-A Charlotte on March 18, is working out with the Double-A Birmingham group and likely will open the season there, according to a White Sox source.

“He’s got tremendous tools,” said Charlotte manager Chris Chambliss, who watched Viciedo in big league camp and for a week while he remained in the Triple-A group. “He’s got a real quick bat and power and a good at third.”

Aaron Poreda, the lefthander that the White Sox safeguarded in trade talks last summer, says he is heading back to Birmingham and has no qualms about it.


“I think they want me in a comfortable atmosphere and J.R. (Perdew) is one of the best pitching coaches in the organization,” Poreda said. “We really have good communication, so it’s going to be good to work with him again.”

On his to-do list is working on a changeup, even more so than his slider.

In other news, Jordan Danks, as expected, is headed to High-A Winston Salem:

Asked if spring training has been going well, White Sox outfielder and 2008 seventh-round pick Jordan Danks on Wednesday smiled and nodded his head.

Yes, it’s been pretty nice. Well, sort of.

“I’ve been getting called ‘John’ a lot,” Danks said, referring of course to his brother, a righthander on the big league staff. “People will see ‘Danks’ on the back of my jersey and assume I’m John. Then they come up to me and I have to tell them.

“Then,” Danks added, “they don’t seem to be so interested anymore.”

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