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Attrition in the Battle for the Keystone Sack

Apparently Gordon Beckham getting more of a look at second isn't just because he's the bestest ever, as both Jayson Nix and Brent Lillibridge are ailing. Nix has a right quad injury, while Lilibridge has the flu. Or the flu-like. Both are expected to be out until Wednesday.

Since our lord and savior had the day off today, that meant Chris Getz had the chance to impress. And he didn't disappoint, as his 2-3 performance was about the only offensive highlight for the White Sox. He hit a single and flashed his plus speed and baserunning while legging out a double. Jerry Owens had a good day at the plate, going 1-3 with a walk. However, in what is quickly becoming a concern for a supposed speed player, he was caught stealing for the third time this spring. He has yet to successfully steal a base.

Clayton Richard had a solid outing - 4 IP with 4 hits (only one leaving the infield) and no walks but also striking out no one. Apparently he was only at-fault for misplaying one of the infield singles. He's also throwing a cutter now. The Arsonist did what he does best.


In other news, Matt Thornton threw an efficient seven pitch scoreless frame for the USA against Canada in the WBC, including a complete over-matching of Joey Votto - who struck out looking on three straight fastballs.

Also, Jose Contreras and Bartolo Colon continue to be on-track for their March 14 debuts, as they each threw a 55 pitch bullpen session. Scott Reifert relays this story:

With Contreras warmed up and ready to throw, Schnedier called out to the nearest catcher to get behind the plate for Jose.  It was a minor leaguer ... Luis Sierra.  What Herm didn't know was that Sierra, who is from Columbia and has been in our system for three years, was an infielder who converted to catcher, oh, about a week ago!

But he held his own catching Contreras, did a good job, and at one point, called out in Spanish for Contreras to keep his front shoulder closed.

His quick conversion to catcher and his coaching of the veteran Contreras left everyone laughing.

Live batting practice on Monday is the next step.