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Sunday SSS Spectacular White Sox News & Notes

Merkin says it will be Contreras and not Colon who will open the season in the rotation:

I'm just guessing here right now, but I think Contreras will start the 2009 season as part of the rotation, but Colon, who is coming back from an elbow injury, will not but won't be far behind. By the way, I think both Clayton Richard and Jeff Marquez are locks to make the team in some pitching capacity.

C&C are throwing batting practice tomorrow.

Gordon Beckham continues to get a long look at second base, as he is playing the 'B' game tomorrow morning. The beat reporters are tripping over one another to come up with the superest superlatives for the first real prospect they've ever seen while covering the White Sox in Arizona this century. Ever.

In other second base news, Brent Lillibridge will be back from the flu-like to play at SS in the "real" game against Cleveland, while Chris Getz will start at second. Nix is expected back on Wednesday.

In the game against the Dodgers, Beckham went 3-5 with three doubles and, while he wasn't "flawless", like some reporters would like you to believe (notice the throwing error, Dave?), he appears to be taking to second well. Donny Lucy showed why he has a fan club (get your fusilli donny!) with a 2-3 performance, including a home run, in relief of Corky Miller. Gavin Floyd threw four no-hit innings, with a couple of strikeouts and a couple of walks. Brian Anderson was 1-2 with a walk, HBP, a sacrifice fly to score a run, and threw out Doug Mienkiewicz at the plate. That's called diversifying the skill set, honeys.