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The Replacements Can Play

Looking at today's lineups and pitching match-up, it looked like we were in for a blow out.  And that's exactly what happened.

By some feat of magic, Ozzie's early Sunday lineup managed to score eight runs while the fatter larger half of the C+C Rehab Factory threw an impressive six shutout innings.  The good fortune even extended to the Arsonist, as he pitched two innings and only allowed two hits, one walk, and struck out three.

More game breakdown after the jump

The Offense:

As much as I would have loved to have gotten the chance to type about our offense's resurrection on Easter, I think we're all more than glad they came back a day early.  The Sox sent all nine hitters to the plate in the fifth and seventh innings. Brent Lillbridge got the start at leadoff/second base and didn't do a terrible job, so don't be shocked to see him getting the nod again soon.  Bridge walked twice, stole second, and dropped a beautiful sac bunt.  Carlos Quentin continued to climb back up the mountain, going 2-4 with his second homerun in as many games.  And true to form, he was hit by a pitch in the first inning.  Alexei Ramirez finally remembered how to hit, going 2-4 with a double and two RBI.  The Goggles manned first, allowing Konerko to DH and give Jim Thome the day off against a formerly-tough lefty.  Wilson didn't disappoint, going 1-3 with a walk and two runs scored.  The best bench-player performance came from Corky Miller, who recorded his first multi-hit game in almost six years.  Corky went 2-4, driving in the final two runs of the game.

The Picthing/Defense:

Bartolo Colon proceeded to show-up his rehab buddy in his first start for the Sox since 2003.  Colon pitched a solid six innings, allowing three hits and two walks while striking out two.  No runner got past second while he manned the mound.  He actually does seem to be in good shape (no longer looking like this) and reached as high as 93 mph on the gun at USCF.  Dotel's flawless season ended, as he recorded his first non-strikeout out, walked two, and allowed a double-steal.  Thornton came in and promptly put out the fire.  MacDougal was brought in to finish the blowout and preceeded to not suck.  The crowd loudly applauded every strike thrown.  Jermaine Dye had the defensive play of the season in the second.  Jason Kubel crushed a ball into deep rightfield.  Jermaine Dye got on his horse and ran full speed into the rightfield fence, making the catch and terrifying me to no end.  Some guy for the Twins went 0-3, while the healthy M&M boy and the replacement catcher went a combined 0-8 with four strikeouts.  The bastard went unretired.

Dewayne Wise Death-Watch:

It is fast-approaching.  Wise came in to replace Dye in the eighth and promptly did nothing.  He struck out looking in his only at-bat, while yet another leadoff man succeeded in his stead.  There was no booing.  I guess the average fan knows better than to kick the man when he's down.