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This Week in White Sox Minor League Baseball

Gregory Infante via <a href=""></a>
Gregory Infante via

This week:

  • All four full season affiliates began their seasons on Thursday. In case you missed my preview of each team, here it is. Sox Machine has begun his previews; so far, Charlotte; Birmingham; and Winston-Salem.
  • From the land of stuff we already knew but is now confirmed with numbers: Tyler Flowers is not a good defender, Cole Armstrong is.
  • Unfortunately for Armstrong, he injured his leg in Charlotte's first game. But, as usual, getting information about the Knights is near impossible so who knows what the extent of the injury is.
  • Yet more from the land of stuff we already knew: Gordon Beckham is a good hitter.
  • Jordan Danks is also a good hitter but needs to cut down on the strikeouts. And hitting lefties wouldn't be a bad idea, either.
  • Gregory Infante pitched a very good game in Kannapolis' opener and now has Kevin Goldstein on his jock.
  • Aaron Poreda did not pitch a very good game in his first start for Birmingham. Command was a problem throughout his four inning, 83 pitch outing. He couldn't get his changeup over and his slider wasn't as good as it was late last season. However, he gamely managed to limit the damage to only two runs (one earned), mostly by inducing grounders and also flashing his good pick-off move to first (although the runner at third scored during the run down). The broadcaster kept mentioning how Poreda was cutting his fastball some.
  • According to the Barons radio broadcast, Clevelan Santeliz is indeed injured with a sore shoulder and is still in Arizona.
  • Dexter Carter had pretty good debut at Kanny. His command was occasionally problematic, as evidenced by his two wild pitches and two HBPs, but he did give up only one hit, walked only one, and struck out six over six innings.
  • And that Santo Luis guy that had Mark Gonzales and others on his jock? Well, welcome to High A. When your ERA is *.**, that's not good. A hint: the guy who is far too old for the level is the one that should be dominating everyone else, not the other way around.

As always, check the Minor League Update Fanpost for daily updates and commentary.