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I'm Back

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"It's a good acquisition," manager Ozzie Guillen told reporters Tuesday afternoon after the Sox' game in Detroit against the Tigers was rained out.


Podsednik takes Owens' spot at Triple-A and is just a phone call away.

"(Podsednik) is going to play center field there just in case we need him here," Guillen said. "It's good news. I think a lot of his (old) teammates wanted it. We'll see what happens."

Ideally for the Sox, Brian Anderson takes over regular duty in center field and plays well, with Owens filling the reserve role.

"Brian Anderson's going to dictate how much he's going to play," Guillen said.

Anderson replaced the injured Wise on Monday and walked twice and stole two bases.

"I don't expect Brian to hit .350," Guillen said. "A lot of people forget we gave Brian an opportunity to play (in 2006). I think now Brian is mature and a better player. He's got an opportunity now, and we'll see how he handles it."

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