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Maybe Ozzie Guillen Might Have Thought About Maybe Quitting

Or Maybe He Just Needed to Vent

I don't have much patience for covering the every word of Ozzie Guillen. When you listen to him talk, you quickly realize that most of it is just that, talk. It makes good copy. He's plenty entertaining and always unpredictable. But I just don't care to cover every little outrageous thought he might have.

So, back in June of last year, Ozzie said some crazy things about the offense being bad (click that link to refresh your memory), about Kenny needing to make some changes. And he went home during an off-day on a trip to Florida. And maybe he thought about quitting.

"People don't realize, I called [chairman Jerry Reinsdorf] and I told Jerry, 'Listen, I don't need this [stuff]. I can stay home in Miami,'" he said Wednesday on the eve of another four-game series at Tampa Bay.

Recalled Guillen: "I told [Reinsdorf], 'Is this thing going to go in a different direction because of the comment I made? Then [expletive] it.'

"He said, 'Come on, don't be a child.' I mean, I spent the day off at my house, watching all of this on TV and hearing from people, listening to what [Williams] said, and I was pissed. Once I saw how Kenny was taking it, I was even more pissed."

So, yeah. That's all I have to say about that.